Frequently Asked Questions

1. The mechanism of action: the physical or chemical protection what about nano-materials contains products?

The latest generation protective broad-spectrum filters are photo-stable chemical filters that provide protection against UVA/UVB rays. Not using physical filters such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide or nano-materials, they are fluid filters with rapid absorption that allow a progressive spray application.

Why you haven’t used physical filters?

We chose to use only chemical filters because this decision is the most suitable to our patent: the physical filters don’t guarantee a correct supply of the product (in particular, the nebulization doesn’t work very well and for us it isn’t acceptable). The chemical filters give the best results for a spray product in comparison with physical filters or nano-materials.

2. How this progressive method works?

The invention consists in formulations with specific dosages that include a volatile vehicle and sun filters for using them in the cosmetics protection of the skin from UV rays. The sunscreens are present in a known concentration to ensure a certain protection factor, and are applied in a determined constant quantity on the skin thanks to the spray application: the protection factor becomes an incremental value in relation to the number of applications on the skin (PROGRESSIVE SPFTM).

The repetition of the applications allows to get a sort of screen on the skin that increases its protective factor with the increase of number of application: this is the PATENT.

Could you provide a more detailed explanation on how the progressive shield is created?

When you spray the first time, a sort of transparent protective film/layer is created on the skin. If you repeat the spray session within 3 minutes the second layer will stay on top to the first one guaranteeing the additive/incremental protection.

This is guaranteed only be the special formulation, which is the “secret” of the patent!

3. What kind of studies you have about the products?

All of our products are parabens free, nickel tested and dermatologically tested.

Inside the book you can find the PROGRESSIVE SPF study for sun factor 20/30/50+ and for 50/80*/100*, in vivo according to the International Sun Protection Factor Test Method, May 2006.

The SPF measurement procedure is the one described by the International Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Test Method (COLIPA document number 001-2003; February 2003, revised in June 2006).

4. How often you need to add the products during day?

The number of addition depends on the daily habits of the costumer and it can be influenced by different factors (how many hours, in which time of the day there is sun exposition, if the customer is in the sea or mountain, …).

In any case we suggest that the sun protection should be reapplied at least every two hours outdoors, and immediately after swimming or heavy sweating.

5. What about photostability?

The products are photo-stable, it means that they have the ability to maintain their integrity upon exposure to sun light. In particular they contain sun filter agents that guarantee their stability during the sun exposure, and they don’t change the chemical characteristics and don’t degrade.

6. Can you use the products for wet skin?

The best use of the products is with dry skin, because the products are dry oils so in the presence of water the layer of sun filters (PROGRESSIVE SPFTM) isn’t guaranteed completely.

7. Which of ingredients are for physical protection and on the other hand chemical?

There are not physical filters, we use only chemical filters, which are different depending on the different items.

8. INCI: ingredients list of the product.

You can find it on the BOOK for each product. Also, we explain the functionality of the main ingredients.

9. Waterproof and Water-Resistant products.


SPRAY SPF 20/30*/50+* 175ml, SUN PROTECTION PROGRESSIVE SPRAY SPF 20/40*/60* - NATURA SPORT 100ml and SUN PROTECTION PROGRESSIVE SPRAY SPF 20/40*/60* - TERRA SPORT 100ml are WATER RESISTANT. The product SUN PROTECTION PROGRESSIVE SPRAY SPF 20/40*/60* - AQUA SPORT 150ml is WATERPROOF. Our laboratory has carried out both tests (WATER RESISTANT and WATERPROOF), which you can find in the BOOK.

10. Which age you recommend for SPF 50/80/100 (age limit)?

In SENSITIVE SKIN SUN PROTECTION PROGRESSIVE SPRAY SPF 50/80*/100* we decided to use a perfume without allergens, suitable for the most sensitive skin and the delicate skin of children. Furthermore, the product is Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, Nickel tested and Parabens free. These features make the product particularly suitable for the children skin. However, up to the first six months of life it isn’t recommended to expose to the sun kids skin, mostly in the hottest hour of the day (11-14).

11. Can allergic person use the product SENSITIVE SKIN SUN PROTECTION PROGRESSIVE SPRAY SPF 50/80*/100*?

All of our suncare products are Parabens free, Nickel tested and Dermatologically tested, so they are suitable for all kind of skin. For the most sensible skin, the best choice is SENSITIVE SKIN SUN PROTECTION PROGRESSIVE SPRAY SPF 50/80*/100*, which contains a perfume without allergens, that are the most important responsible of all adverse effects.

12. Could you please provide a list of potential allergens that are used in the other products?

This is the list of 26 allergens: Amyl cinnamal, Anise alcohol, Amylcinnamyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate, Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl cinnamate, Benzyl salicylate, Citronellol, Cinnamyl alcohol, Farnesol, Cinnamal, Hexyl cinnamal,Citral, Butylphenyl methylpropional, Coumarin, Limonane, Eugenol, Linaool, Geraniol, Methyl 2-octynoate,

Hydroxycitronellal, Alpha-isomethyl ionone, Hydroxyisohexyl-3-Cyclohexene-Carboxaldehyde, Evernia Prunastri Extract, Isoeugenol, Evernia Furfuracea Extrac.

The substances used in fragrances and cosmetics are proven to be safe. Also, the above-mentioned 26 fragrances do not trigger any adverse reactions in the vast majority of consumers. However, allergy sufferers may react to substances which are harmless for most people. To avoid allergic reactions European cosmetics legislation create this list.

In our products (except for SENSITIVE SKIN SUN PROTECTION PROGRESSIVE SPRAY SPF 50/80*/100*) we decided to insert an especial perfume to characterize the line. The quantity of fragrance that we used is very small, this involves a small percentage of allergens, too. In this way we guarantee the absence of collateral reaction.

13. Usually sun care products are marked SPF 50+, how we could use SPF 50/80/100 in kids formula products?

Referring to European regulation, SPF higher than 50 is indicated with 50+. For this reason we have indicate on the label and in marketing materials SPF 50/80*/100 * with stars, because they are values obtained from the SPF test with the double and triple application: * SPF Values obtained from SPF in vivo test, ISO 24444:2010 and the Colipa test method, upon 2 and 3 applications. In fact, the product (the formula) has SPF 50 and it is under the European standard of solar sun protection products, the higher values are obtained only with the progressive application (please, see the BOOK referring to the complete test that we made). For this reason, only through the Patent innovation and progressive application we have higher values of SPF than 50.

It is important to understand that it is not the starting product that guarantees SPF 80 or SPF 100, and we highlight and clarify this aspect with the use of stars and the explanation that we report everywhere. The results of the test evidence that SUN PROTECTION PROGRESSIVE SPF 50 (SPF) is 54,5, (95% confidence interval: 4,5) and in the areas where repeated applications were performed, the product was found to have SPF = 85,2 after 2 applications and SPF = 105,3 after 3 applications.

14. Can you apply make-up on top of the sun screen?

Yes, absolutely! The texture of the product guarantees the possibility to put all kind of make-up on top.

15. Are the products eco-friendly?

We can confirm you that all the materials used in the packaging are totally recyclable.

16. After sun, what is D.S.B. C® and INHIPASE?

They are 2 ingredients used on Be3 After Sun, in details: D.S.B. C®: anti-inflammatory and lenitive action on sunburned skin, it protects the skin against free radicals and deeply hydrates it.

- INHIPASE®: anti-inflammatory, anti-redness and anti-dryness action on the skin. helps fight against the process of skin inflammation due to sunburn.


17. Miracle Tan contains DHA… How it works?

The secret of the product is the combination of ingredients. In particular we introduced a special and innovative mix of active ingredients (WHITE SHIRT-GUARDIANTM) that 1) improves instant natural tan on the skin thanks to new food bronze pigments (that don’t stain white clothes) and 2) guarantees long-lasting tan (3 days), thanks to ActivaTanTM (color intensity and uniformity booster). WHITE SHIRT-GUARDIANTM is a special and innovative mix of two active ingredients:

- new food pigments, that give instant natural tan on the skin, but don’t stain white clothes.

- ActivaTanTM, which provides long-lasting tan that develops both in color intensity and uniformity.

New food bronze pigments

They give instant natural tan on the skin, but don’t stain white clothes. It will be possible thanks to the combination of:

- type and percentage of the food pigments used in the formula

- the spray nebulization, which is very fine and precise thanks to the technology of the spray nozzle

- the respect of guideline application: spray directly on the skin in a continuous and even motion, holding the spray about 30 cm from the skin. Let it dry without rubbing or use a hairdryer for faster results.

New food bronze pigments allow the instant natural tan on the skin, without staining white clothes.

ActivaTanTM ActivaTanTM is an active ingredient which provides long-lasting tan that develops both in color intensity and uniformity. ActivaTanTM is an excellent solvent for DHA, it prevents the crystallization of the DHA during evaporation on the skin, increasing the time for effective reaction of DHA with the skin and thereby increasing the development of skin colour. In this way ActivaTanTM improves the DHA action. The secret of the tanning lotion is the use of DIHYDROXYACETONE (DHA), a natural sugar derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. It reacts with amino acids of skin horny layer, providing the skin with a colour very similar to tanning. The colour is temporary and goes away with skin renovation. In this reaction the melanine is not involved. The chemical reaction is called Louis-Camille Maillard from French biochemist. It occurs between the skin proteins and sugar (DHA) and this causes a change in smell and color, for this is called "browning reaction". The reaction is non-enzymatic type, that is spontaneous, it forms a coloured brown pigments called melanoidins.


18. Normally self tanning products smelling bad when they are connected with protein of skin, why MIRACLE TAN SELF TANNING SPRAY not?

The smell is one of the characteristic of the reaction between DHA and the protein present on the horny layer of the skin (please see the answer above). We worked a lot on the formulation for reducing the bad smell and avoiding all the problems that characterize the other sunless lotions present on the market. Most of our competitors use ERYTRULOSE to fix DHA and this chemical ingredient is responsible for bad smell, artificial colour (orange/yellow) and spotty exfoliation. The absence of bad smell in our line is the result of years and years of work and experience, we worked hard to find the perfect combination between the best quality of the product and the best efficacy and sensations for the costumer.

19. Sugar cane, what is this?

The DIHYDROXYACETONE (DHA), a natural sugar derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane.

20. Can you use for the whole body or do you recommend only for face and décolleté?

We recommend just for face and décolleté for two reasons: o It is not easy to apply a spray in an even way on the body o 75 ml are enough for nearly 30 face applications, so if you use for total body you will finish the product too soon.

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